Sep 13, 2016 Chevy says the Bolt, supported by Level 3 chargers like the one I'd plugged into, can gain 90 miles worth of range in 30 minutes, 160 miles worth in 60 minutes, and a full 238 miles of range in … Complete 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV specs, including range , charging times, horsepower, torque, suspension, brakes, platform, dimensions, capacities more. As I expressed in our First Drive of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV , much of this battery-electric hatchback's appeal is evident in the numbers: 238 miles of EPA-estimated range, 9.5 hours to charge fully at 240 volts and a starting price of $ 37,495 . (All prices cited include destination charges but not incentives,.

Extremely Satisfied With This New EV Bolt. This new 2017 Bolt EV has exceeded my expectations. On a full charge it usually reads 300 miles or more (max range ) 235 to 240 ( Chevrolet has exceeded range expectations on its 2017 Bolt EV with the EPA-hereing in at 238 miles, well above the 200 miles first promised by the automaker. Bolt is a fun, relatively affordable electric car for the masses. The new Chevrolet Bolt changes that with an EPA-rated range of 238 miles. Even if it ends up with less than that in the real world, such a long leash endows the car with a much more practical range than rival EVs , demanding less travel planning on the owner’s part, much less white-knuckle range anxiety, and more emissions-free serenity.