Sep 13, 2017 Chevy Bolt EV ’s range on a single charge keeps impressing. Officially, the vehicle has an EPA-rated range of 238 miles , but owners have been able to … Sep 14, 2017 Opel Ampera-E ( Chevy Bolt EV ) Goes 466 Miles On Single Charge ; . 466 miles ( 750 kilometers ) on a single charge of the batteries! . the Ampera-e could travel up to 323 miles (520 km … Sep 14, 2017 GM-Volt: Chevy Volt Forum Chevrolet Bolt EV Owners Forums Chevy Bolt EV Discussion, News, Reviews, and Events Chevy Bolt EV Travels 750km / 466 mi on a single battery charge PDA View Full Version : Chevy Bolt EV Travels 750km / 466 mi on a single battery charge

Sep 15, 2017 The Opel Ampera-e electric car was able to go 466 miles ( 750 km ) on a single charge . Opel Ampera-e Goes 466 Miles On Single Charge 9. by Sean . Sep 14, 2017 My previous personal best on 25 kWh's was 114 miles - about 4.6 miles /kWh. The biggest aha moment I've had with my EV is understanding how little energy is recovered from regenerative braking, and why it should be just referred to as braking. Sep 16, 2017 How To Make A Chevy Bolt Travel 755 Km On A Single Charge — Put Opel Ampera-E Badges On It! . for hypermiling the all electric car . cities is 750 kilometers …

Sep 13, 2017 That's not news to me. I can get 300 miles plus per charge if I drive it like an eco box. I average around 250 driving it normally I keep my hill top assist on and only charge the HVB to about 85% of capacity and it still beats the EPA's 238 rating I prefer not to top off the battery to a full charge state. I'm hoping this will extend Sep 11, 2017 Opel Ampera-e, Bolt 's Euro Twin, Goes 466 Miles On Single Charge . managed to travel the impressive distance of 466 miles ( 750 km ) without recharging the batteries of the EV . It … Тут на досуге подумалось, что по ссылке Chevy Bolt EV travels 750 km (466 miles) on a single charge : 7.8 kWh/100km можно прикинуть, что те самые 7.8 киловатт-

Jul 16, 2018 With his 2012 Volt, he drove 81.8 miles on a full charge (9.8 kWh Used, 8.3 miles /kWh). After the Gen 2 Volts came out, he drove his wife’s Gen 2 Volt 114.0 electric miles on a full charge (14.4 kWh Used, 7.9 mi/kWh), and was rewarded the following day with a full charge ev range estimate of 85 miles .