44 rows DIN 2510 hereponents: Bolts, Hexagon Nuts, Cap Nuts, Extension sleeves, Studs and Stud Bolts DIN 2510 hereponents and connections with expansion shank are suitable for use at elevated temperatures with high pressure and with optimum Charpy Notch Impact strength for … bolts, studs , screw nuts, cap nuts extension sleeves. In the DIN 2510 standard, all parts are perfectly well-matched. Tried and tested since more than 40 years. Home / Studs Dimensions / DIN 2510 Studs . Shape Z with long thread up to M56. Shape K with short thread up to M56. Size: M12-M52. Materials : Heat-resistant - 1.1181, 1.7218, 1.7225, 1.7709, 1.4923, 1.4986, 1.4980 Tough at subzero . Shape ZU with long thread and spacer stud Shape KU with short thread and spacer stud (

DIN 2510 Part 4 Studs for use with bolts with waisted Shank . For DIN 2510 Stud size M64 above the angle is 150 Degrees; If DIN 2510 Studs size M64 above are required without hole d4, the letter o should be inserted in the designation which will read as STUD GR0 M64X400 DIN 2510 – 24CrMo5 . Double end studs with reduced shank DIN 2510 and bolts DIN 2509 for flange connections acc. to DIN and ANSI acc. to DIN 30690-1 and technical rule AD-Information Sheet W7 Stud Bolts Material Types of Stud Bolts Types of Threaded Rods IMPERIAL - ANSI B16.5 Stud Bolts METRIC - DIN 976 Stud Bolts Dimensions Din 2510 Stud Bolt Dimensions Din 939 Stud Bolt Dimensions Din 938 Stud Bolt Dimensions Din 975 Stud Bolt Dimensions

Stud - bolt KO M 100 x 6 x 600 DIN 2510 - 24CrM05 ) Nominal length Il to be 'tated when ordering (see alo DIN 2510 Part 1) 2) Instead of the code number t be code letter Of the material b. stated the In Our main line of manufacturing is petrochemical Stud bolts, petrochemical stud bolts, double ended stud bolts, collar stud bolts, shoulder studs , tap end stud bolts, we manufacture these products in stainless steel ( SS ), alloy steel and carbon steel grades used in the oil gas industry for pipelines and flange joints, Stud bolts DIN 938, DIN 939, DIN 940, DIN 835 We manufacture stud bolts according to DIN standards 938, 939, 940 and 835. We are able to fulfil your requests for a wide range of dimensions, quantities, materials , strength classes as well as surface coatings.

ASTM A320 Grade L7 is a standard specification for high tensile 4140 alloy steel bolting materials , intended for use in low temperature services. The term bolting material as used in this specification covers, rolled, forged or strain hardened bars, bolts, screws, studs and stud bolts.