Drywall Screws vs . Drywall Nails for Wall Installations. Here is where the playing herees a little more slanted in favor of nails . When used properly, drywall nails are every bit as effective as drywall screws for wall installations. Additionally, Drywall Nails vs. Screws Older drywall installers remember a time when drywall nails were the method for fastening drywall to studs and joists. Drywall hammers and a big pouch of drywall nails hung from an installer’s tool belt, and they were accustomed to quickly setting 20 nails or so per sheet. Jan 16, 2011 Re: Screws vs nails Nails at top bottom plate, screws everywhere else. Usually use nails to tack a sheet up, and once it holds screw everything..except when piecing in, then I use mostly nails for little rips and wraps because it's just plain faster.

In this drywall how-to video I show the proper way to use drywall nails and screws . Typically in the hanging process professionals still tack up the sheetrock by nailing the borders heree back and put screws in the fields. Because of the properties that make up drywall , it is important to use screws that provide a strong, long-lasting hold and allow for the appropriate amount of countersinking. This guide will provide key information on the types of nails , screws and other fasteners that work well on drywall installations. Field vs . Perimeter: Professional drywall installers often like to use nails for perimeters. It’s physically easier to get a board initially tacked up with a hammer and nail than by wrestling with a drill and screw .

Ring nails a.k.a. drywall nails should be used on the perimeter of the sheets and screws in the field of the sheet. The most important factor in fastening drywall is not tearing the paper which greatly reduces the holding power of the fastener and leads to sagging or cracking. Hanging Drywall: Glue vs. Screws or Nails . More in: Nail Pops, walls ceilings. Transcript. LESLIE: Well, most homes are stick built but you could find yourself with a manufactured home which is then a great opportunity for a great home. Mar 13, 2005 screws have 300 times more holding power. threads cut into and deform wood to hold tightly. nails grip with friction hold will loosen when wood shrinks and may pop nail head above surface and create callback in a drywall situation.

Because drywall screws offer superior herepared to nails , you'll be able to sink each screw about 12 apart - compared to the 7 spacing suggested for drywall nails . That translates to approximately four or five screws per stud, when hanging 48 drywall sheets.