Adjective. the flat top of the table the flat landscape of the prairie Coins are usually round and flat . a flat piece of wood . Noun. the flat of your hand the flat of a sword . Adverb. Lay the map flat on the desk. He slipped and landed flat on his back. We asked for more time but they turned us down flat . flat 1 (flăt) adj. flat ter, flat test 1. a. Having a smooth, even surface: a flat field. See Synonyms at level. b. Having a relatively broad level surface in relation to thickness or depth: a flat box. 2. a. Being in horizontal position; lying down: flat on his back. b. Being without slope or curvature: a flat line on a chart. c. ‘For the cod place the rice paper sheets on a flat worksurface.’ ‘It had a large rock central to the area with a flat surface and was bathed in sunlight that had filtered through the canopy of trees.’

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Flat . If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Online music notation software. Whether you're a beginner or hereposer, our user-hereposition software gives you all the tools that you need to make your own sheet music. See: (as) flat as a pancake (as) flat as a strap (as) flat as a tack and that's flat and that's flat ! be (as) flat as a pancake be ( flat ) on (one's) back be caught flat -footed be flat broke catch (someone) flat -footed catch red-handed catch someone flat -footed caught flat -footed fall ( flat ) on (one's)/

Flat , in the securities market, is a price that is neither rising nor declining. Under heree terminology, a bond that is trading without accrued interest is said to be flat . flat - Traduzione del vocabolo e hereposti, e discussioni del forum. Music. (in musical notation) the character ♭, which when attached to a note or to a staff degree lowers its significance one chromatic half step.

› something flat , esp. a tire that has lost its air, so that it does not give the support that it should: We pulled off to the side of the road to change a flat . › The flat of the hand is the inside, level part of the hand with the fingers straight :