How to Use a Nylon Lock Nut . When you install the nylon lock nut onto a bolt or threaded stud, the nylon insert wraps around the threads and locks the nut in place. This gives a nylon lock nut a distinct advantage over a lock washer when the bolt or threaded stud is subject to vibration, as the nylon lock nut is unaffected by vibration. Only new nuts should be used , as multiple uses damage the nylon insert. Place the lock nut Slide a washer down the shaft or axle until it reaches bottom. This prevents friction from the wheel from loosening the nut once it is in place. Start screwing the lock nut onto the threaded screw or shaft. Correct Use of Nylon Insert Locknuts . The nylon insert locknut comes with an insert that fits the threads of the screw it is placed on and causes a gripping action due to the friction it creates. This, in turn, lessens the chance that the nut heree loose because of vibrations.

Locking Washers. 1. Place the lock washer between the nut and the work surface if using a nut-and-bolt configuration, or between the fastener head and the work surface if using a tapped hole configuration. In other words, the bolt goes straight into the hole and doesn't poke out the other end, so no nut is used .  Fiber or nylon self-locking nuts’ ability to provide tight connections degrades with each use. They may not meet the minimum prevailing torque value, which can lead to loose connections or, eventually, liberate hardware and lead to accidents and incidents. A new nylon insert. An old, degraded nylon insert. 1 Answer. Thread the nylon lock nut onto the bolt or threaded stud and turn the nut clockwise with your hand until it no longer turns. This will be the point that the nylon insert contacts the top thread of the fastener. Place the socket that matches the nylon lock nut onto the 3/ 8-inch drive ratchet.

Mar 04, 2019 A nyloc nut incorporates a nylon component to lock a nut into position on a bolt. The slightest risk of failure warrants a ban on the reuse of the fastener in all critical applications, such as cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts and main bearing cap bolts. Modern nylon formulas permit the nyloc nut be used in many internal engine applications without concern. How To Use Lock Nuts Nylon September 2, Mar 13, 2016 Star washers, they take less torque to cause the back pressure on the threads and can be reused. But it depends on the application. If I were building a jig or using it on a tool, I'd use a star washer . I'f I need a ton of torque for a permanent installation (like behind a wall ), I'd use a lock washer .

Jul 23, 2013 I was assembling it today with no problem, until I had to attach the Table Top Tilt Mechanism to the Cross Bar using two hex bolts and two locking nylon nuts provided. I put the bolts through the hole in the cross bar and started to twist on the nuts , but when the threading of the bolt hit the nylon on the nut , it wouldn'