Aug 19, 2013 Lower strut bolt removal ? Discussion in 'The Garage ' started by boardrider247, Aug 12, 2013. Jan 06, 2015 Lower Strut bolts stuck, out of ideas. Take a large socket (1 1/16 or better) and put it over the bolt head end (the bolt head and flange need to slide thru ), then place the stationary end of the clamp on the end of the bolt , and the screw end on the socket. Begin turning (it will be a good deal of pressure) and press out the bolt … May 21, 2012 Lower strut bolt removal Discussion in ' General Discussions ' started by MeMyselfAndMyRam, May 19, 2012.

Dodge Dakota: I cannot remove the bottom bolt on front strut… . Experience: Over 26 years of experience as lead tech and shop foreman. Hello heree to Just Answer! It is very hard to remove these bolts when they seize into the lower control arm bushing. The bolt seizes in the bushing sleeve and sometimes you have to drill the bolt out. Jun 02, 2012 Re: Cannot remove strut bolt from lower control arm . Once it gets started use the threads to your advantage and back it out with a wrench. I remember it being a little rough, but it wasn't as bad as you're saying, you might need to lift on the strut assembly to take some weight off the clevis threads. The bolt in that cradle … Mar 19, 2016 06, 1500, 4x4, 5.7 Broke the front, drivers side lower strut mount... I have the bolt half way out and it is extremely hard to remove . I was using a ratchet with a breaker bar and i'm pretty sure if I crank on it anymore its going to break.

Lower control arm bolts . Remove the front wheel. Detach the engine undercover. Remove the torsion bar. Disconnect the stabilizer bar end link. Detach the steering knuckle from the lower control arm. Remove the nuts, bolts , and then the lower control arm. Installation is the reverse of removal . Answered in 5 minutes by: hereing to Just Answer to ask a question. A regualar socket will be able to grab the nut enough to tighten it down but a deep well will gaurantee enough of the socket is on the nut . The lower nut needs 351 ft lbs of torque. Sep 14, 2017 Same issue here, 2002 Explorer, front driver side strut , the big lower bolt is stuck fast to the bushing of the shock absorber. I was able to replace the passenger side front strut no problem at all but the driver side had me defeated, body is all sore from the struggle.

• (Fig. 2) Remove and save the pinch bolt (C) and nut (D) that retain the lower end of the strut housing. • (Fig. 3) Remove and save the spindle-to- strut assembly pinch bolt (E). Using a large screwdriver slightly spread strut -to-spindle pinch joint, if required, for removal . Tap on top surface of spindle (F)