Lexington, SC — Marco Specialties, a leading pinball parts e-retailer, today announced the new line of Super-Bands™ high-reliability pinball flipper bands. Super-Bands™ are advanced, custom-formulated, polyurethane rings (a.k.a. urethane flipper rings) designed for pinball machine flippers and bumpers. Bally TWILIGHT ZONE Parts The following parts are known to work in Bally TWILIGHT ZONE. Marco Specialties is the web's largest, most experienced pinball machine parts supplier. The Marco pinball heremon and special parts from an inventory of over 50,heremercial pinball machine parts .

I am embarrassed to say, maybe due to proximity or routine, I had never ordered anything from Marco . Specialties until today. I have always ordered from herepetitor. Today, after ordering a time sensitive part that I desperately needed asap, I realized I forgot a couple of small things in my haste to get the order in quick. Fix and upgrade your pinball machines with parts from Marco Specialties, the world expert in pinball machine parts , supplies and Everything Pinball. Products Pinball Machine parts , supplies, and Everything Pinball. Marco Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1985 with one mission: provide pinball machine owners one source for Everything Pinball. Going online in 1999, Marco has grown to offer over 30,000 parts for thousands of games, including thousands of hard to find parts .

Marco Specialties, Inc. has one mission: provide pinball machine owners one source for Everything Pinball.. Founded in 1985 and online since 1999, Marco has since grown to offer over 30,000 individual parts for thousands of pinball machines to customers around the world. http://here/pinball- parts /PB116.