Home Metric Torx Style, 6 Lobe Screws Metric Torx Style, 6 Lobe Screws Metric Star/ 6 lobe screws (generic torx) are now stocked daily at Fastener Express. We Carry a large Variety of stainless steel torx screws in button head Torx Screws , pan head Torx Screws , flat head Torx Screws and socket torx fasteners and Miniature Torx Screws . Our Torx Screws are in Stock and ready to ship. Stainless Steel Deck Screws with a Torx Style 6 Lobe Drive. This allows for a higher torque when installing the screw . Stainless Steel Deck Screws are used to attach hereposite boards to the main beams of a deck. They feature a notched Type 17 point which easily pierces the wood which allows for an easy and fast installation,.

Metric Torx Machine Screws comes in pan head Phillips (DIN7985A) and flat head Phillips (DIN965). These are generally carbon steel and stainless steel. For Metric Torx Screws you will need to go to 6-Lobe Screws . Metric Torx Thread Rolling Screws are the metric Torx equivalent of the Pozidriv trilobular thread rolling screw . UHMW Polyethylene (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Vinyl. Wood Pan 6 - Lobe ( Torx ) Drive Plastite Style Screws , 48-2 Thread Screws for Plastic- Trilobular Thread-Rolling Screws - Generic Alternatives to Plastite Screws - Pan 6 - Lobe Drive 18-8 Stainless Steel, Passivated and Waxed

6 Lobe Torx Style Stainless Steel Machine Screws . Star Drive Pan Head Machine Screws feature a Pan Head and a Torx Style 6 Lobe Drive. Star drive machine screws are often used with a nut or driven into tapped holes. These screws tend to be found in smaller sizes and holding machinery together but can serve other purposes as well. 6 -32 x 1/4 Taptite Style Thread Forming Screws / Six- Lobe ( Torx ) / Pan Head / 18-8 Stainless Steel Product Details Part Number: 396248 Carton Quantity: 5,000 pcs Carton Weight: 9.05 lbs M3-0.5 x 6 mm Machine Screws / Six- Lobe ( Torx ) / Pan Head / 18-8 Stainless Steel / ISO7045. Product Details. Part Number: . Item in picture may not reflect size and finish of actual part. Technical Specs. Screw Style Spec Head / Drive Spec Pricing Information. 1-2 Carton Price: . Metric / Imperial Calculator; About FSS;

A Torx -Plus drive has more points of contact than a hex drive, allowing you to tighten these screws with less slippage or damage to the recess. Binding Barrels and Screws Use these as a low-profile alternative to standard nut herebinations.