Socket Head Cap Screw Specifications for Dimensions, Material and Mechanical Properties. Socket Head Cap Screw Dimensions and Specifications . Head and Body Dimensions – Alloy and Stainless ASME B18.3-1998 – Includes 1960 Series. Notes pertaining to the Thread length of Socket Head Cap Screws ; See examples below: 6-32 x 3/4 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw , Alloy Steel .138 – 32 x .75 Spline Socket Head Cap Screws , Alloy Steel, Cadmium Plated. 1. The tabulate LG values are maximum and represent the minimum design grip length of the screw . Socket Head Cap Screw Size Chart If all else fails, you may want to use our Drill Size Conversion Table or our Tap Drill Size Calculator . The information available from our sources is usually sufficient hereputer related drill or screw requirements world wide.

Socket Head Cap Screw Specifications . shcsmech. Mechanical Properties of Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws – Blue Devil: Nominal Size Tensile Strength Lbs., Min. Supplies greater tensile strength than equivalent sizes of Grade-5 or Grade- ASTM Specifications – To Fit Your Needs. ASTM F1554; ASTM A193 Bolts; ASTM A194 Nuts; ASTM A307 Bolts; ASTM A320; ASTM A325; A354 Bolts; A449 Bolts; ASTM A453; ASTM F467; ASTM A563; . Socket Head Cap Screw Dimensions; Torque Charts; Close; Careers – Openings; Contact – get in touch; Search Products. Search. Holo-Krome socket head cap screws contribute in important ways in carrying out modern design techniques which call for smooth contours and surfaces, elimination of clumsy, bulky parts and use of lighter constructions as they apply to flanges, lugs, pockets, and cover plates.

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