Double end threaded studs from Grainger provide you with the correct weight-bearing strength you need when flange bolting at your construction site. You'll find a wide variety of thread sizes and lengths for type A and B. Choose from equal and unequal thread length types and round, square or hex shanks. Threaded studs are used in a wide variety of applications for fastening a workpiece together. They are typically headless and can be joined by coupling nuts to create the length needed. Unequal threaded studs also have a self-locking version, which is suitable for a nut on one end and a tapped hole on the other. A threaded heree in a variety of materials. Stainless steel threaded rod grades include 303 and 18-8, among others.

Hollow Threaded Studs A hollow center allows these studs to be used as an axle, a vent, or a passageway for wiring. Threaded Studs . Show me threaded studs for a wide variety of applications on concrete and steel – such as grating, grounding, light cable trays or multi-purpose fastenings click image for details: arp metric 300 stainless stud product id: af1.250-12gb description: arp-af1.250-12gb m8 x 1.250=(32mm)overall length,arp stainless steel individual stud ,sold by the piece,this stud has m8-1.25 x 10mm thread ,m8-1.25 x 10mm,broached tip,this is overall length.wrench size 10 price: $2.60