#9, #10, #12 and ProCap metal to wood screws are 1/4 hex head screws #12, #14 and ProZ metal fasteners are 5/16 hex head screws ; Designed to fasten multiple layers of metal roof panels, metal siding panels, attach trim to metal building sheets or seal lap joints of metal building sheets. Our roof and siding screws include painted screws , stainless roof screw , ceramic coating screws , metal roof screws , siding screw , custom painted metal siding screws , aluminum panel screw , and most exterior grade construction building fasteners . The painted steel roofing panels on my simple gable roof will be attached to 24 strapping with exposed fasteners. The #9 x 1-1/2″ screws with EPDM washers used to secure the roofing to the wood range from around 12 cents each made by Metal Sales,

Shop roofing screws in the screws section here. Find quality roofing screws online or in store. Stainless Steel Galvanized Metal Roof Screws . We don’herepromise on washer size and achieve a better, long-lasting seal. In addition, our strong V-neck heads provide superior installation strength. Compare us and see why Levis fasteners are preferred by … Jan 24, 2010 The hidden screw roofs are best on homes for that reason but the cost is substantial and probably not worth the upgrade. about double the cost. We have put metal roofs on homes all over Arkansas with the 105 degree summers and 0 degree winters and just have not had probems.

Metal ROOFING SCREWS : (1000) Screws x 1-1/2 ZINC Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Roof Screw . Self starting/self tapping metal to wood, sheet metal roofing siding screws ~ EPDM washer. Metal Roof screw with colored head ~For corrugated roofing . by Metal Roofing Screws . 4.7 out of 5 stars 6.