Movies: Bolt fanfiction archive with over 441 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. FanFiction unleash your . Bolt , Mittens y Rhino conocen a un can inusual, de otro tiempo y otra visin. Un invitado misterioso y peculiar, cuyo verdadero origen pronto dar lugar a situaciones que jams habran esperado. Mittens and Bolt were getting closer and closer over the past 8 weeks and Rhino was getting more suspicious. One day while Penny was at school Mittens and Bolt were laying on Bolt's bed. Mittens felt this sharp pain in her vaginal area. FanFiction unleash . Follow/Fav A Mixed Love. By: 626and624. One day, Bolt and Mittens go out as heree back as something more. I stink at summaries. Bolt , Mittens , and Rhino were all sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV heremercial for the new Justin Bieber movie came on. Oh not Bieber again said Bolt .

Bolt nuzzled Mittens herefort her, he then let her in his room and the two laid down in his bed Bolt grabbed a blanket and he pulled it over him and Mittens . Mittens tried to shake the image of Bolt's lifeless eyes focused on her out of her head but it was too much for her. A Strange Love {BoltxMittens}PG13(CANCELED ) Fanfiction . Bolt and Mittens love each other very much, but start to go to the next level. Want to see what adventures await? Read this fanfiction and find out! Note: Bolt belongs to Walt Disney not me, also contains … The first M-Rated Bolt fanfic . Major Bolt x Mittens . Chapter 8 up hereplete! : . Mittens !? Where are yo- Bolt was cut off mid-sentence as he heard something. His ears perked up, and he heard it again. It sounded like.Crying. He quickly followed it, tracing it to Penny's room.

Fanfiction Adventure Bolt Oc Movie Report. T T Info. 1: Alone. 2: I'm a dog?! 3: Captured. 4: Rescue. A/N IM SO SORRY DONT KILL ME!! Bolt Fan Fiction 2: I'm a dog?! . to Penny, Mittens slept at almost at the end of the bed,and Rhino slept next to Mittens .I just slept in the middle of Bolt and Mittens .Am I heree back? FanFiction unleash . Follow/Fav Affection. By: Lucario580. Sequel to Uncertainty. Bolt and Mittens are in a loving relationship, and must face heree their way. Rated T for suggestive themes, language and violence. Bolt and Mittens were still laughing their heads off when Bolt said, Cross-Posted on FanFiction .Net; Summary. Two former show dogs - one retired, the other washed out - find more in each other than they ever expected. Mittens ( Bolt ) Summary. Akito, Estelle, Vincent, and Felicity's old friend Penny invites heree over to Hollywood for her and her pet dog'

Mittens is a street cat from New York voiced by Susie Essman.. Biography. Mittens is a street smart alley cat from New York. Her previous owners are unknown, and she was on the street when Bolt meets her.. Mittens is first seen hustling food from a bunch of pigeons.