Yes Mittens said simply. Mittens , this is GREAT news Bolt said practically jumping with joy. Calm down Bolt Mittens said, I'm only a few days along But still Mitt's Bolt said, with a HUGE grin on his face, you're PREGNANT ! I'm just so HAPPY. Me too Bolt Mittens said, looking up at Bolt , Mittens is due in three more weeks and Bolt and Rhino have to help her find a father for her kittens before the end of the three weeks, please RR. Bolt / Mittens , rated for mild violence, and language. Mittens had once told Bolt about how most humans didn't like having pregnant animals in the house. Now Bolt knew Penny was a light hearted girl, and he did love Penny, so he wouldn't keep anything from her, but for some reason this time was different, now he didn't want to take a chance,

The first M-Rated Bolt fanfic . Major Bolt x Mittens . Chapter 8 up hereplete! : . Mittens !? Where are yo- Bolt was cut off mid-sentence as he heard something. His ears perked up, and he heard it again. It sounded like.Crying. He quickly followed it, tracing it to Penny's room. Thank you Bolt Mittens said, tucking her head in Bolts neck, I love you. And I love you Bolt said, and with that, the 2 of them fell asleep. The clock on Penny's bed-side table read AM when Mittens … #boltxmittens #disney # fanfic #here #random. Chapter Nine- New Pet 238 1 3. by Whiskey_Glass. Share. Share via Google+ Share via Email Report Story When Bolt and Mittens left Valeri in the room, they walked home and when they got in they immediately went to Penny's room and crawled under the bed.

FanFiction unleash . Follow/Fav Mittens' Heat. By: richman237. Dark Tail Rabbit's Bolt story inspired me. Mittens and Bolt were getting closer and closer over the past 8 weeks and Rhino was getting more suspicious. One day while Penny was at school Mittens and Bolt were laying on Bolt's bed. Mittens felt this sharp pain in her vaginal area. FanFiction unleash . Follow/Fav A Mixed Love. By: 626and624. One day, Bolt and Mittens go out as heree back as something more. I stink at summaries. Bolt , Mittens , and Rhino were all sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV heremercial for the new Justin Bieber movie came on. Oh not Bieber again said Bolt . Fanfiction Adventure Bolt Oc Movie Report. T T Info. 1: Alone. 2: I'm a dog?! 3: Captured. 4: Rescue. A/N IM SO SORRY DONT KILL ME!! Bolt Fan Fiction 2: I'm a dog?! . to Penny, Mittens slept at almost at the end of the bed,and Rhino slept next to Mittens .I just slept in the middle of Bolt and Mittens .Am I heree back?

Bolt 2 Part 1 Fan fiction by SkyHedgehog posted over a year ago. Bolt and Penny are sitting on the couch in the living room. Dont be silly Mittens said Bolt . Mittens licked Bolt on the cheek. He wiped it away with his paw. Yuck! Mittens , im a dog, youre a cat. Stupid dog! Mittens hissed. She walked away and sat all by herself.