19 rows Bolt Grade Markings and Strength Chart. Print this page . US Bolts: Head Marking Grade and Material Nominal Size Range (inches) Mechanical Properties ; Proof Load (psi) Min. Yield Strength (psi) Min. Tensile Strength (psi) No Markings: Grade 2 Low or medium carbon steel: 1/4 thru 3/4 55,000: ASTM, SAE and ISO Grade Markings for Steel Fasteners hereplimentary PDF of our Fastener Markings chart. Contact American Fastener with any questions or for a custom quote. Understanding Fastener Grades and Classes. Fastener Tech Data . Inch fasteners—heremonly used in North America—will have a grade or ASTM rating. (don't replace a Grade 8 fastener with a Grade 5 or 2). If in doubt, ask a professional for assistance.

Technical Reference Guide Table of Contents Subject Page # Fastener Material Selection 1 Mechanical Properties . where 3/4-10 x 7” SAE J429 Grade 5 HCS P = tensile load (lb., N) S . the bolt returns to its original shape once the load is removed. Hex Bolt Identification, Markings and Strength Chart Table Guide. Hex Bolt Identification, Markings and Strength Chart. Additonal information on bolts is located at the bottom of the webpage. Note: Some bolts share identical head identification and have significantly different strengths. Grade C lock nuts equal 75% of the bolt proof loads specified for SAE J-429 Grade 8, and ASTM A-354 Grade BD bolts. IFI-100 does not govern lock nuts above 1. The values shown in the chart are to be used as a mid-range guideline. ** Torque values for 1/4 and 5/16 sizes are in inch lb. All other torque values are in foot lb.

FASTENER IDENTIFICATION GUIDE October 3, 2008 . Revision Information Log Guide for Approved Fasteners October 3, 2008 Effective . New Bolt Drawings Ray Rowden 05/23/08 Technical Stamping Incorporated – New Washer (Ty-3) Ray Rowden . Grade B8 Class 1 Regular Series and Heavy Series. 67608 Stud, Stain.Steel 67623