Mittens is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2008 animated feature film Bolt . She is a sassy and short-tempered street cat whom Bolt at first believed was an agent of Dr. Calico. She is pessimistic and has a dry sense of humor. She lives the life of a thief who suffers from traumatophobia ( Rhino was also the central protagonist of his own short, Super Rhino , in which he got superpowers himself by Penny's father (just like Bolt ). The short feature was added to the Blu-ray and DVD release. Role in the film. Rhino is a hamster that Bolt and Mittens meet while they are trying to get food. He watches all of Bolt 's episodes on TV, Mittens , Bolt and Rhino . In the movie, Mittens forms a rather strange hereheless strong friendship with Bolt . At first, she hated the crazy canine, constantly looking for ways to escape from him and even went as far as calling him Cujo after the dog and the novel of the same name.

Mittens , feeling depressed, explains to Rhino that Bolt left to face the green-eyed man alone. Rhino convinces Mittens they can't let Bolt go off alone and they follow him to Hollywood. Mittens witnesses the rehearsal between Penny and a Bolt lookalike but so does Bolt , who leaves, thinking the tender moment he saw between them was real. Bolt makes random appearances at Epcot and can some times be seen at Character Palooza at Hollywood Studios. Mittens and Rhino are retired. 2008 – We met Bolt, Mittens and Rhino all at the same time before they were retired shortly after. I’ Bolt Mittens Rhino 3 Set Lot SEAL Strap Disney Prize Plush 3 Toy Doll Japan

Mittens is a street cat from New York voiced by Susie Essman. Biography Mittens is a street smart alley cat from New York. Her previous owners are unknown, and she was on the street when Bolt meets her. Mittens is first seen hustling food from a bunch of pigeons. Mittens : [about people] They pretend they're going to always be there for you, and then one day they pack up and move away and take their love with them, and leave their declawed cat to fend for herself! They leave her, wondering what she did wrong. The 1 dream he had is when Penny's TV dad gives Rhino Bolt 's power he sees from TV (and the ability to talk). After he safe the day, Rhino sing the Best of Both Worlds at he's concert, then Mittens wakes him to get Rhino to stop singing. So it seems that he whats to be a singing super hamster.

They are joined by Rhino , a fearless hamster and fanatical Bolt fan. Rhino 's unwavering faith in Bolt substantiates the dog's illusions about himself, but allows Mittens to figure out Bolt is from a television show. She tries to tell Bolt this, but Bolt …