SCREW YOU. Said either jokingly or when someone's honestly annoyed with you. Means GO THE HELL AWAY because I HATE YOU. Or, simply, eff you. Karm: Dude your boyfriend's effing hot. Sue: Screw you. Get a SCREW YOU mug for your herees. Go to hell, as in You won't help after all? Well, screw you! A euphemism for the still ruder fuck you, this slangy term dates from the mid-1900s. screw (someone)/that. A rude and angry expression of disgust or dissatisfaction with someone or something, especially indicating that one doesn't want to be associated with the person or do the thing in question. A: The manager said all staff have to be in tomorrow at …

If you don't like what I am screw you. Russian President Vladimir Putin : Spite is an underestimated quality in international relations, russia stood to gain basically nothing from playing the Kim Jong Un card. Similar to the word fuck, screw can be used to mean to mess someone up or treat them badly 3. To mess something up, turn things for the worse , usually followed by the word up 1. a screw with a slot or slots cut into the thread, esp. one used in the breech of some guns permitting both engagement and release of the block by a partial turn of the screw.

Interjection (vulgar) A slightly less offensive version of fuck you . Go to hell. For instance, You 'll just lie in your bed all day rather than help us?Well, screw you . Go away. For instance, Screw you -- go annoy someone else! Expression of contempt. Mar 03, 2019 You know what it is about that game, the thing that id Software says isn't worth their time (which I personally believe is a big screw you to us gamers), Examples: screw in a Sentence. 1 a : a simple machine of the inclined plane type consisting of a spirally grooved solid cylinder and a correspondingly grooved hollow cylinder into which it fits.

A device having a helical form, such as a cork screw . Vulgar Slang The act or an instance of having sexual intercourse. A or bargainer. To fasten, tighten, or attach by means of a screw or similar fastener. To attach (a tapped or threaded fitting or cap) by twisting into place. To rotate (a part) on a threaded axis.