BD Thread Rolling, Inc. dba BD Cold Headed Products, is a U.S. manufacturer of high strength cold-formed bolts, studs , pins and other metal fasteners. Our parts are found in products all around us from the buses that drive our kids to school to the appliances … Double end threaded studs from Grainger provide you with the correct weight-bearing strength you need when flange bolting at your construction site. You'll find a wide variety of thread sizes and lengths for type A and B. Choose from equal and unequal thread length types and round, square or hex shanks. Double End Stud Bolts. Length of thread varies according to requirement. Studs have equal length threads on each end heremodate a nut and are threaded to a class 2A fit. Length of the stud is measured overall. Double end studs are used for flange bolting or other applications where torching from both sides is desirable.

Collar and Double Ended Studs . Collar and double ended studs have a round or hex shaped collar formed in the middle. Collars may be undercut to allow for flush seating at assembly. Different thread forms may be used on either end , including standard machine screw threads, thread cutting, thread forming for plastic or metal, or knurled. Double End Stud Bolts. Double end stud bolts are threaded for a nut on one end and threaded (with self-locking friction-fit threads) for insertion into a threaded hole on the other, they have a Class 5 thread fit on the tap end (metric have Class SK6) and a Class 2A thread fit on the nut end (metric have Class 6g). SIZE. WEIGHT PER HEX NUT. WestermannBG Structural Fasteners Stud Bolts Double End Double End Stud Bolts The Double End Stud Bolt is threaded on both ends of the bolt, and should be used when the exact length of thread is known for the application.

Double End Threaded Studs ; Hex Head Cap Screws. Grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screws; Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screws; Metric 10.9 Hex Head Cap Screws; . 2 Piece Double Split Shaft Collars; Misc. Shaft Collars; 1 Piece Single Split Shaft Collars; Hinged Shaft Collars; Strapping and Strapping Equipment. KelKo Products is a manufacturer of special double end stud bolts to customer specifications A double end stud is a type of stud that is equally threaded at both ends heremodate a nut. Typically, both ends are chamfered. Double End Studs that are available include: ASTM B7 Double End Studs – B7 Tap Ends. ASTM B7M Double End Studs . B8 Double End Studs . B8M Double End Studs . L7 Double end studs .

Double Ended Stud . Precision engineering and built to the highest quality standards the Double ended stud provides superior performance for your project. Available in a wide range of sizes and grades, we have units ready to ship or can custom build to meet your project requirements.