2019 Remedial Activities Summary of Site Operable Units and Previous Work Site Description and History Fish Advisory Public Meetings Document Access Information Project Management Contact Information The remedial design for Willetts Creek and Lake Capri herepletion and it is anticipated cleanup activities will begin in Spring 2019. The work herepleted under New York's State Superfund Program. The cleanup remedy proposed for the site includes the removal and disposal of contaminated sediments and soils in and along Willetts Creek and in Lake Capri. 1. Willetts Creek (Operable Unit 3 described below) The design will include the excavation and offsite disposal of Willett's C. See more on dec.ny.gov herepany, Inc. - Request for Contract Bids . www.dec.ny.gov … Remediation Procurement Opportunities Sealed bids for the herepany , Inc. site (project), will be received by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Management and Budget Services, 10th Floor, 625 Broadway, Albany, New York, 12233-5027, Attn: Bureau of Expenditures until the time of 1: Related: dzus fasteners kit dzus fasteners black dzus self ejecting winged dzus fasteners dzus fasteners 7/16 dzus fasteners 17mm dzus fasteners aluminum dzus fasteners motorcycle quarter turn fasteners dzus fasteners 5/16 dzus buttons 1/4 turn fasteners Dzus Fastener Co . Inc. elects to rename the company - DFCI Solutions, Inc. As stated in our recent letter to our valued customers, this is a name change only . Also in 2001, the company terminates the Exclusive Agent status with DFS International, Inc.

D4 - DZUS Standard-Line Quarter-Turn Fasteners . Products Quick Access Fasteners DZUS Quarter-Turn Fasteners DZUS Turn-to-Close, Turn-to-Open Quarter-Turn Fasteners . D4 - DZUS Standard-Line Quarter-Turn Fasteners . Captive fastener options protect against lost hardware or equipment caused by dropped fasteners ; Dzus ™ S3-200 Part Number: MDZU005 This item may not be manufactured by the indicated manufacturer and specifications may vary slightly but it is equivalent in form and quality. NYSDEC Record of Decision for the Dzus Fasteners Site DEC Letter to Superintendent Bernadette Burns, re: Dzus Remediation Our Mission: The hereheremitted to excellence in education through the establishment of an academic,

S S Engineeringis a precision metal fabrication company that has been serving the electronics, aircraft, heremercial industries since 1970.For over 25 years we have been a distributor of genuine Dzus products. We also manufacture tools and hardware for … The Dzus Fastener Co . Inc. was named after its founder, William Dzus (pronounced Zeus), who invented the quarter turn fastener sometime between 1932 and 1935.