Manufacturer’s identification mark, e.g., “X” ( on head of bolts and screws and on one end of studs and stud bolts). ASTM A 193 Grade B8M Class 2 (Strain Hardened Material) Regular Series and Heavy Series 67611. B 8 M X. Symbol for identification of grade, … U. S. Patent and Trademark Office Fastener Insignia Register Active Insignias Oct 30, 2014 Status: Name: Insignia : Rockford Bolt Steel Co. 126 Mill Street Rockford IL … You cannot find hereplete and up-herepilation of manufacturers ’ marks ! Use it for identification of purchased fasteners , inventory traceability, maintenance repair, replacement, and auditing of potential customer inventory racks.

In addition to the indicated grade. marking, all grades, except A563 grades O, A and B, must. be marked for manufacturer identification. The markings shown for all grades of. A194 nuts are for cold formed and hot forged nuts. When. nuts are machined from bar stock … Sep 02, 2010 SAE Grade 5 and Grade 8 with ' Fastener Quality Act' traceability -are- marked with manufacturer mark or name. The 'special' fasteners are also marked with manufacturer info. I -think- the THE is just a marking code from the BigBox stores to let the cashiers ring up the 'right' bolt size for pricing/inventory purposes. Fasteners commonly have two different markings : a unique manufacturer identification symbol – such as letters or an insignia – and information about the fastener strength. Such markings differ based on how the fasteners were made.

STANDARD BOLT IDENTIFICATION MARKINGS Identification Grade Mark Specification Fastener Description Material Nominal Size Range (in.) This technical information is supplied as a courtesy. All-Pro Threaded neither employs nor maintains an engineering or technica l staff, and All-Pro is merely supplying certain The handbook, titled “Listing of Fastener Manufacturer’s Identification Symbols,” replaces the previous edition MIL-HDBK-57E from 2008. The 252 page handbook herepilation of the identifying symbols of fastener manufacturers as provided by the manufacturers themselves. There is no grade identification required for Grade 2 Cap Screws, but the manufacturer’s identification symbol is required on the top of the head. Dimensional requirements are contained in ANSI B.18.2.1, “Square and Hex Head Bolts and Screws Inch Series”.

Manufacturer Head Markings . The Fastener Quality Act mandates that manufacturers mark each fastener with a symbol to identify herepany that made it. herepany has a unique identifier that they stamp onto the head of all the fasteners that they make.