17 rows Dimensions of Socket Flat Head Cap Screw * Alloy Steel ; Socket Flat Head Cap Screw * Alloy Steel; Size D A H J T F Tensile Strength Lbs. Min Single Shear Strength of Body . Seating Torques, in./lbs. Body Diameter Head Diameter Head Height ; Max Min Theo-retical Sharp Max Abs. Min Ref Nom Min Max UNRC UNRF lbs., Min N.C. Inch Series Flat Socket Head Cap Screws Nominal Size Basic Screw Diameter D Body Diameter Min. Max. A Head Diameter Max. Theo- Absolute retical Sharp Min. H Head Height Ref. Flushness Tolerance M Spline Socket Size Nom. J Hexagon Socket Size Nom. Flat Head Socket Cap Screws, 18-8 Stainless Steel . Size ds Body Diameter A Head Diameter. Page 2 of 2 Fastenal Product Standard REV-00 Date: April 4, 2017 FHSCS.SS t Key Engagment . Screws with lengths 1-1/2 times the nominal diameter or shorter may be undercut to facilitate

EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Felt. Fiberglass Countersunk Flat Head Screws in Many Sizes and Finishes Screws are Arranged by Size A flat socket cap screw head driven with a socket wrench and has an undercut of 82 degrees and a 1/4-20 thread size and pitch in stainless steel fastener.

Flat head socket cap screw dimensions are shown in the following chart according to ASME B18.3-2003 standard. Flat head socket cap screw is a type of cap screw with a flat top surface and a conical bearing surface with a head angle of approximately 82 deg. General Note: Flat , countersunk head cap screws and button head cap screws are designed heremend-ed for moderate fastening applications: machine guards, hinges, covers, etc. They are not suggested for use in critical high strength applications where socket head cap screws should be used.