Shop hidden fasteners in the specialty fasteners fastener kits section of here . Find quality hidden fasteners online or in store. E2 - Hidden Panel -Latching Systems. Actuator button can be slightly exposed or recessed to remain hidden in door edge; Optional floating keeper aids alignment; integral spring ejects door upon opening . Quick Access Fasteners Inject / Eject Mechanisms Handles Cam Locks Lock Plugs. Rivets Other Hardware. About Us. Metal Panels Inc. is a quality manufacturer of metal roofing and siding products, meeting the needs of the Metal Roofing, Metal Building and Post Frame industry since 2001.

All panel clips are interchangeable with each other, to create a hidden fixing system that allows for flexing and expansion of the panel and support frame. To ensure quality, Metal Clips. Our metal clips enable the fastening of interior trim and panels with “ hidden fasteners .” Ergonomic, economic, and efficient, our diverse metal clip portfolio can improve your assembly time and yield cost reductions. About Fastmount . Fastmount is an award-winning herepany in the business of designing and manufacturing hidden fasteners designed specifically to service the marine, architectural,

Press-On Wall Panel Fasteners A woodwork installer needs zero-clearance fasteners for a tricky panel attachment problem. Suggestions include velcro, heres, and inverted Z-clips. Any desired panel of your choice can be mounted beautifully as you desire. Concealed panel mounting system delivers a flawless finish with perfect alignment. This hidden fastener system means panels can easily be removed and refitted in any sequence, time after time. Economical and good for here. The range of panel fasteners and plastic clips available from ITW Fastex is designed to fill most fastening requirements. The Canoe push-in clips hold securely in a variety of materials; the Stalok fastener is tamper resistant and the Pine-Tree Removable Clip is reusable.

Star Hanger System designs, manufactures provides detailed information for hidden hanger clips and fasteners for precisely mounting panels , art work and more.