Metal ROOFING SCREWS : (1000) Screws x 1-1/2 ZINC Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Roof Screw . Self starting/self tapping metal to wood, sheet metal roofing siding screws ~ EPDM washer . Metal Roof screw with colored head ~For corrugated roofing . by Metal Roofing Screws . 4.7 out of 5 stars 6. Jun 04, 2014 I need to install some ribbed, polycarbonate clear roof panels. Somewhere I have seen rubber washer screws that have bigger washers so that the plastic panels don't eventually pull through the screws from wind lift. A Roofing Screw That Doesn’t Leak. Frequently Asked Questions. with elongated holes where screws or nails have been removed, the large domed washer will easily cover hererations. Will your roofing screw washer last 20 years? Read this article for the answer. Search for: Articles. Leaking Roof ;

Enjoy the Teks #9 x 1-1/2 in. Zinc-Plated Steel Hex- Washer - Head Roofing Screws (100-Pack) 21404, corrosion resistant their self-sealing neoprene washers provide a waterproof seal and a premium finish at The Home Depot. Use a fastener that has a large washer . Hi-Lo threaded screws are used in metal-to-wood applications. (Tek screws are used in metal-to-metal applications. a metal roofing lap seam screw , pole barn screw , metal roofing lap seam screw , self drilling lap screw , self piercing screw , hex head screw , pro panel roofing screw , #14 x 1-1/2 hwh stainless tapping screw w/ neo (250) sfs #e0660-hp, #14 x 1-1/2 inch tapping screw , type 304 stainless steel, 3/8 inch hex head , with stainless steel epdm bond seal washer . 250/box.

Roofing Screws manufacturers suppliers. View: . Stainless Steel 304 Hex Washer Head Roofing Screw Roof Screw . FOB Price: US $ 0.01-0.012 / Piece .