Why Choose US for Metric Nuts and Bolts . As a master distributor of Metric fasteners we take pride in providing metric nuts and bolts for clients with convenient access to the highest quality metric fasteners for aerospace, military, scientific as well as industrial grade fasteners , herepliant metric nuts and bolts . AAA METRIC SUPPLY, LLC. is a wholesale/retail distributor of Metric American Inch Fasteners and Tools in Denver, Colorado. Stocked standard product lines include: Hex, Socket, Shoulder and Flange Bolts , Screws , Nuts, Washers, Rod, Pins, Keys, etc.. Manufacturers . Domestic; Import . Category: Fasteners . Share. Premier Source for Wholesale Nuts and Bolts . At hereponents, we are your leading industrial supplier of wholesale nuts and bolts , including metric fasteners . We serve a broad range of customers from our headquarters in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, Twin Cities area.

Stainless Steel Fasteners Suppliers We supply all sorts of parts, and this includes those made to specifications of the traditional system of English measurement and the metric system. Supplying metric -sized parts heree increasingly important as global business has continued to increase. Threaded metric fasteners , such as nuts, bolts , and screws , contain spiral ridges called threads, which aid in the attachment of the fasteners . Continuous-thread studs, with two nuts applied, are used for flange bolting and are threaded from end to end. (Online Supplier of Nuts, Bolts , Screws , Washers and Fasteners ) Over 15,000 High Grade Nuts and Bolts Northeast Fasterers stocks over 15,000 types of fasteners .

Metric bolts , as well as metric screws and other metric fasteners , can be manufactured with full or partial threading. Fully threaded bolts feature threads that are grooved from the bottom of the shank to the bottom of the head. Bel- Metric sells metric hardware specialty automotive supplies nationwide. Visit our website to purchase metric fasteners , nuts, bolts , Time-Sert kits more. License Plate Fasteners . Metric Nuts. Metric Washers. Hex Bolts class 8.8. Hex Bolts class 10.9. Hex Bolts class 12.9. Automotive Fasteners: Assortments, clips, nuts, bolts , rivets, caps, button, plugs, lugs and more . View the entire . License Plate Bolts , Nuts, and Screws . Mazda Clips and Fasteners . Metric Free Spinning Washer Nuts. Metric Hex Flange Nuts. Metric Pushnut Bolt Retainers. Metric Push-On Retainers. Nutsert Inserts.