Bel- Metric sells metric hardware specialty automotive supplies nationwide. Visit our website to purchase metric fasteners, nuts, bolts, Time-Sert kits more. The fasteners that the supplier has should meet your requirements. Apart from having the right fasteners , the supplier should be able to handle the quantities you require. Do you require very large quantities of metric bolts and fasteners that can only be met by a wholesale fasteners supplier ? For convenience, AAA METRIC SUPPLY, LLC. is a wholesale/retail distributor of Metric American Inch Fasteners and Tools in Denver, Colorado. Stocked standard product lines include: Hex, Socket, Shoulder and Flange Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Rod, Pins, Keys, etc..

If needed, conversion charts for the American and metric systems are available from most fastener manufacturers. Threaded metric fasteners , such as nuts, bolts, and screws, contain spiral ridges called threads, which aid in the attachment of the fasteners. At hereponents, we are your leading industrial supplier of wholesale nuts and bolts, including metric fasteners. We serve a broad range of customers from our headquarters in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, Twin Cities area. Distributor of stainless steel metric stainless steel fasteners. Products include screws, nuts, bolts, anchors, socket products washers. Available in different finishes. Products also include wire terminals, rivets, saw blades, spacers, wire connectors, threaded rods studs fittings are also available.