ProcessOn是一个在线协作绘图平台,为用户提供最强大、易用的作图工具!支持在线创作流程图、思维导图、组织结构图、网络拓扑图、BPMN、UML图、UI界面原型设计、iOS界面原型设计等。同时依托于互联网实现了人与人之间的实时协作和共享。 Free to createcollaborate on BPMN, flowchart, mockup,UML,other diagrams. With diagram library herework inline for business. Overview History Procession elements Functions of processions Christian processions Processions in art A procession hereanized body of people walking in a formal or ceremonial manner. A funeral procession, illustrated in a manuscript of the Hours of the Virgin. Fifteenth century. British Museum, Add. MS. 27697. See more on here Text under CC-BY-SA license Procession Define Procession here https://here/browse/procession Procession definition, the act of moving along or proceeding in orderly succession or in a formal and ceremonious manner, as a line of people, animals, vehicles, etc. See more.

Procession definition is - a group of individuals moving along in an orderly often ceremonial way. How to use procession in a sentence. a group of individuals moving along in an orderly often ceremonial way; succession, sequence; continuous forward movement : progression… See the full definition. here is herework for business processes that provides an online real-time collaboration diagramming tool. Beijing, Beijing, China. Categories . Consulting, Software, Web Hosting. Headquarters Regions . Asia-Pacific (APAC) Founded Date . Oct 1, 2011. Operating Status . Active. Number of Employees . 1-10. IPO Status . Room 501, Shuzi Chuanmei Mansion, 7 Xinxi Road, Haidian, Beijing, China Beijing 100000