the information presented is believed to be accurate at the time of document creation. however, barnhill bolt co, inc. is not responsible for any claim traceable to any errors [typographical or otherwise] as contained herein. barnhill bolt co, inc. makes no warranties as to the accuracy of this information. alloy socket head cap screws, Other Socket Head Bolts Screw Assortments Reference Charts Includes charts that list specifications and tightening guidelines for socket screws as well as charts that provide decimal equivalents and drill sizes. Push- Bolt torque specification charts Below is a list of bolt herepiles from various machine tool manufacturers. In general the proper torque spec is usually around 65-70% of the failure torque rate.

U.S. BOLT TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Torque in pounds-foot 2 2 5 5 7 7 8 8 Socket head cap screw Socket head cap screw Bolt Dia. Thread per inch Dry Oiled Dry Oiled Dry Oiled Dry Oiled Dry Oiled 1/4 20 4 3 8 6 10 8 12 9 14 11 These types of bolts possess high mechanical strength, are resistant to corrosion, and require very low maintenance. Norwood Screw Machine parts is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom socket head bolts in the United States. Custom Socket Head Bolts Specifications Clamp load calculated as 75% of the proof load for socket head cap screws as specified in ASTM A574. Torque values calculated from formula T=KDF, where K = 0.15 for lubricated conditions, K = 0.16 as-received and K = 0.20 for dry conditions D = Nominal Diameter F = Clamp Load

Socket Head Cap Screw Size Chart If all else fails, you may want to use our Drill Size Conversion Table or our Tap Drill Size Calculator . The information available from our sources is usually sufficient hereputer related drill or screw requirements world wide. Socket Head Cap Screw SHCS Screw and Bolt Dimensions, Hole Size, Counter Bore Size, Head Measurement, Body Dimensions, SHCS Hex Socet Size, SHCS Allen Wrench Size See Screw Bolt Dimensions for SHCS Thread Sizes and Dimensions Socket Head Cap Screw. Socket low head cap screw, shoulder screw, countersunk socket head screw, button head socket screw, socket set screw, taper pressure plug - Metric Inch.

EZ Read Socket Head Cap Screw Torque Chart - Inch Similar to the Hex screw the Socket head will have different torque ratings. Steel socket head cap screws made with the A574 Standard are stronger alloy then typical grade 8 bolts .