Speed Fasteners Selection Guide Our selection guide (Acrobat file) helps show you which speed fastener may be the most suitable for your application: Speed Fasteners Lockbolts Designed for high-strength assembly, our two-piece lockbolt systems form joints capable of withstanding the toughest applications and environments. Briv . Speed fasteners with a bulbed tail providing consistent high clamp and shear. The Avdel Briv Speed Fastening System have a bulbed tail providing consistent high clamp and shear, making it ideal for assembling many materials including metal, plastic and aluminum more.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers a wide range of high-quality rivets including the broadest specialty line of engineered blind fastening systems in the world. Learn more and hereplete line of riveting products. Speed fasteners are a type of blind rivet that functions very much like a standard break-mandrel rivet but for the lack of a mandrel, which is incorporated into the rivet setting tool. The fastener is grouped with a mandrel separately and is then installed into the work piece. Tool Models. The 753 tool is the only one you need to place the whole range of Avdel speed fasteners (except 1.6 mm Avlug). This tool can fit 1500 fasteners per hour with the ability to work in hard to reach areas. The 753 has an extensive range of options to meet your individual needs.

Speed Nuts Fastener. Hex speed nuts have a six-sided head and prongs along the inner diameter. The prongs apply pressure onto fastener threads, which secures the fastener in place. Type Hex Speed Nut System of Measurement Inch For Use With Threaded Fasteners Screw Size (Inch) 1-8 Width Across Flats (Inch) 1-5/8 Thickness (Decimal Inch). About Speedy Fasteners At Speedy Fasteners we focus on providing high quality parts at lower than dealership prices. We specialise in fasteners , fixings, bolts, clips and kits for cars and motorcycles. These speed nuts are made of stamped spring These speed nuts are made of stamped spring steel and are meant for spaces with minimal clearance. The design is for a quick application and removal making the nuts reusable.

In addition, these spring clip fasteners offer all the benefits of the Self-Locking Speed Nuts; that is: A unique dual locking spring clip action. Ease of application and reduced assembly time. Resistance to loosening from vibration. Maximum holding power with minimal installation torque required.