Shop square nut s in the nut s section here. Find quality square nuts online or in store. Find square nut and flat square nut varieties from Grainger in just the thread size and dimensions you need. Choose from steel square nut s with zinc and hot dipped galvanized finishes and fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester fire-retardant resin (VEFR) square nuts. Square nut s are fasteners with internal threading. Unlike hex nut s, square nut s have a wide surface that can be tightened more securely with a wrench. For this reason, square nuts and bolts are often used in applications where the assembly can be loosened easily after installation.

Square Nut s. Square nut s are typically used in conjunction with square bolts heremonly used with pole line hardware. Since hot-dip galvanizing typically adds 2.2 to 5 mils of thickness to the threaded portion of a fastener, galvanized hex square nuts are tapped herepensate for the corrosion resistant coating on the bolts. Found in hand-powered clamps, vises, grates, doors, and work tables, lead screws and nut s have broad, square threads that are well suited for quick assembly, high … Square Nut s. Square nut size refers to its nominal thread diameter. Typically, machine screw sizes range from about #2 to 1/2 and regular from 1/4 to 1 1/2. Sizes less than 1/4 appear as a number size (the larger the number the larger the size) while sizes that are 1/4 and larger are specified in inches, usually fractional rather than decimal.

Square Nut . One of our more rugged T- nut s, the square nut will typically have the largest surface area of engagement. This creates a strong, and simple connection, great for locking down medium duty machinery. Must be inserted into the T-slot from the end.