Drywall screws are threaded nearly all the way to the head. When you use a drywall screw to fasten two boards, the top threads will anchor in the top board and sometimes actually keep the two boards apart unless the two pieces are tightly clamped to begin with. The bad news is that using wood screws requires a little more prep work. Drywall screws vs. other types of wood screws . From time to time, people criticize me for using drywall screws in so many of my projects. But I really like drywall screws … What about drywall screws being too fine-threaded to securely grip into wood ? Well, there are actually coarse-threaded drywall screws so what may once have been a concern is no longer. In fact, it seems that stores now carry more coarse-threaded drywall screws than fine-threaded ones.

Drywall screws aside from not having a finished look of a plated screw shear more easily than a regular wood screw . I use mostly drywall screws in the shop for jigs and hanging things on the wall. To me even if the drywall screw is strong enough, it just doesn't give the appearance that I … Pocket screws are used with a boring machine that drills holes slanting horizontally through the face of wood . The pocket is the hole where the screw head fits. Normally, pocket screws have a small head to fit down inside the hole, Apr 23, 2013 We use 1-1/4 for 1/2 drywall and 1-5/8 for 5/8 drywall . Always course for wood , sharp point or drill point fine thread for metal. It is what it is.now fix it.