A bolt-on acquisition refers herepany that is added by a private equity (PE) firm to one of herepanies. Typically, a PE firm will partner with herepany that has a position in a particular market. A bolt-heremerce solution typically allows a Web site owner to create customized Web catalog pages, using a furnished template that includes a shopping cart approach for multiple item orders, and to have these pages hosted at the solution provider's server, where orders can … Bolt-on software is software that can be easily attached to a client project, for example, a website. The term “bolt-on” is similar to the term “plug-and-play” that is used to describe pieces of software that are easily integrated into other larger systems. Techopedia explains Bolt-On.

Feb 06, 2019 A screw bolt is herebination with a nut to attach and join two or more objects together. It has a large head on one end and a cylindrical shaft with an external thread, which is a helical structure that allows the screw to be advanced when rotated. bolt-on adjective [ before noun ] uk ​ /ˈbəʊlt.ɒn/ us ​ /ˈboʊlt.ɑːn/. › added to a main product, service, or plan as a smaller, extra part or feature, especially in business: Davidow said the business would continue to make bolt-on acquisitions. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words. Also, extra, and in addition. added. Mar 04, 2018 Whether it’s a screw , bolt or stud, they are typically all made of a few different metals. This includes carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel alloy and aluminum alloy . Manufacturers must use the highly quality metals to reduce the risk of cracking, rusting and other damage,.

With a short 60 lift, the bolt incorporates a non-rotating bolt sleeve that runs the full length of the bolt. When unlocked, three guide ribs on the bolt sleeve align … A fastener consisting of a threaded pin or rod with a head at one end, designed to be inserted through holes in assembled parts and secured by a mated nut that is tightened by applying torque. A sliding metal bar that positions the cartridge in breechloading rifles, closes the breech, and ejects the spent cartridge. 12 days agoPlayers' Bolt totals for each season are displayed on the Sprint Speed leaderboard. It is a cumulative stat, unlike Sprint Speed. It is a cumulative stat, unlike Sprint Speed.

Bolt heads. These are designed to engage with the tool used to tighten them. Some bolt heads instead lock the bolt in place, so that it does not move and a tool is only needed for the nut end. Common bolt heads include hex, slotted hex washer, and socket cap. The first bolts …