In order to help people understand what the mil thickness of a product is, I try to give them a point of reference. For example, I always explain that the 30 mil (30 divided by 1,000 = .030) Geomembrane is about the thickness of a credit card. Plastic sheeting is measured in mils . A mil is a measurement that equals one-thousandth of an inch, or 0.001 inch . One mil also equals 0.0254 mm ( millimeter ). Thus a mil is not the same thickness as a millimeter . The term mil is not an abbreviation but a unit of measure .The chart below gives you an idea of mils to millimeters to inches . Mil thickness refers to a U.S. engineering unit of measurement that is equal to 0.001 inch . Engineers and manufacturers use mil to rate the thickness of various items, including plastic, paper, sheet metal and aluminum foil. Continue Reading.

A mil is a thousandth of an inch . Generally, measurements of less than 1 /8 of an inch are too small to see, but often we can feel them. California has set the legal standard for a plastic film bag at 2.25 mil . Some cities allow bags a little thinner, and others require bags to be a little smaller,. What mil thickness do you use for a certain application? Check out this reference chart. Where can a 3, 6, 10,12,14,15, 20 mil etc be used with success? What is Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting? . Mil Thickness of Plastic Sheeting- What works best for what? Common Uses For Different Thickness … Understanding Vinyl Pool Liner Thickness. heremon term for vinyl, “mil” (not to be confused with millimeter) is a unit of measurement equal to one thousandth of an inch. Therefore, a 20 mil liner thickness is equal to 20 thousandths of an inch. The term “gauge” (not to be confused with mil), is a bit more of a moving target.

A mil is a unit of thickness equal to one thousandth of an inch. Ex: 2 mil/1000 =.002 inches To convert mil to gauge, take mil and multiply it by 100. Ex: .80 mil x 100 = 80 gauge. When measuring vinyl thickness , mil is a more accurate measurement than gauge. One mil is equal to 0.001 or 1/1000 inch , while one gauge doesn't have an exact equivalent measurement . Keep Learning. The confusion arises from the term “ mil .” It is used to measure the thickness of sheet vinyl flooring. This term does not mean millimeter. It is 1/1000 of an inch, and outside the USA heremonly referred to as a “thou.” However, engineers in the US have started using “thou” due to the confusion with millimeter.

So what does Mil really mean - just how thick is 2.6Mil and 1Mil? You may think it stands for millimeters but you would be wrong. Mil is actually a term used for thousands of an inch. The table in the next column shows the conversion of the different ways to measure material thickness . You will notice also the inclusion of gage (