The long-running debate, answered. They have stronger holding abilities (tensile strength ) than nails and can draw pieces together. Coupled with an adhesive, screws create a very tight bond between two pieces of wood. In a static situation such as a woodworking project, screws are usually the best choices for long-term strength . While undoubtedly considerably stronger than normal screws , this leads me to still question their shear resistance. Advertisement In the end: nails , hex bolts, Mar 13, 2005 screws have 300 times more holding power. threads cut into and deform wood to hold tightly. nails grip with friction hold will loosen when wood shrinks and may pop nail head above surface and create callback in a drywall situation.

When You Should Use Screws . If you need a bit more holding power than nails provide, screws are usually the way to go, since the threads can grab onto whatever material you’re screwing into. You’ll see them a lot in woodworking, as well as light-to-medium construction. Screws provide a strong , clean bond for woodworking. They are easier to remove than nails and tend to damage a project less in removal. Screws can be used for all types of wood bonding and are easier to control than nails . Screwing a screw in place provides less of an impact on your woodworking project than hammering a nail . Surprisingly, there are a wider variety of nails for exterior use than screws , whether it's for decking, fencing, siding, roofing or outdoor furniture. In this image, notice the twisted shank of a galvanized deck/fencing nail . This variety offers the increased holding strength of a screw with the value of a nail .

Oct 10, 2012 Sent from my iPad herework app. Click to expand. Basic wood glue joints are very strong when gluing up wood face grain to face grain, face grain to edge grain or edge grain to edge grain. Once end grain is involved a standard glue joint is not very strong . Apr 27, 2008 Generally, screws are stronger than nails with respect to their holding power . Screws, incidentally, are just miniature inclined planes that pull themselves into the wood, metal, concrete, etc. But there are many types of nails with coatings, spirals, etc … In general, screws are stronger than nails of similar size. In other words, it is much easier to pull out a nail than a screw . Not all carpentry jobs require that degree of st…rength, however, so sometimes it is perfectly appropriate to use nails .

Glue vs. Screws : The Winner. That’s a significant advantage! Another point to be aware of is how the bonds failed. In the case if the screw joints both samples failed at the screw joint itself. In both glue samples the boards actually lost structural integrity somewhere other than the actual glue joint. This means that the glue is actually stronger than the wood itself.