Clip Nuts - Composite Aircraft Fasteners Our growing selection of automotive fasteners and hardware pieces can help you stay stocked up on bolts, screws, nuts , rivets and more. With over 1,000 automotive clips to choose from, you can find body side molding clips , windshield clips and panel molding clips , all offered with easy and quick shipping. Self-retaining speed nuts , also known as self retainers and spring clips , are the only fastening devices that herepensating thread lock as well as a self-energizing spring lock. In addition, these spring clip fasteners offer all the benefits of the Self-Locking Speed Nuts ; that is: A unique dual locking spring clip action.

Products All Products (451,937) My Branch (7) Promotions Special Interests Green Items . Fasteners Safety Material Handling, Monadnock clip nuts eliminate the traditional tooling and labor costs associated with fasteners that require riveting, clinching, or staking. When a damaged nut needs replacing, the clip nut is simply slid off and replaced with a new one. Shop online hardware catalog of nuts / clip -on nuts

Maximum material thickness is the thickest material the fastener can be installed into. Clip -on nuts are inserted into punched or drilled holes in sheet metal and other thin, soft materials. heremonly used in aircraft, automotive and railroad applications. Floating nuts have threads that float in a cage.